Project Management

Taking good care of your project.

If required isee can take on the role of the client’s project manager and coordinate the entire development process. This role includes the selection and management of sub-consultants, determining the optimal strategy for the project, defining milestones and ensuring that deadlines are kept. At all times the client is informed about the project status. While isee will prepare all processes and give recommendations any critical decisions remain with the client.
The development of a renewable energy project can be a complex process. isee works closely with experienced wind experts who will perform wind and site as well as energy production assessments as these are required to optimise the site layout and determine the most appropriate WTG types for the site. At the same time all other relevant topic areas (such as Ecology, Geology, Visual Impact, Noise Assessments, Telecommunication, Radar/Aviation constraints, Access to the Site, IEC requirements i. e. extreme winds, turbulence intensity, etc.) are considered by the project manager. Recommendations of the various consultants are considered and if required the layout will be adapted accordingly resulting in numerous design iterations.
isee ensures that planning requirements are met, but equally importantly feels responsible that the final submitted layout reflects real-world requirements. That way the consent received enables the developer to construct and operate an economically feasible project without the need for considerable pre-construction adaptations. Once the consent has been received isee offers to review and optimise the BOP works design as well as the project cost and time plan.
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