Construction Supervision

Keeping an eye on your project.

When isee supports a client during the implementation of a project or is asked to undertake the construction supervision, the following tasks are offered:
  1. Detailed planning of implementation phase
    The time invested in pre-construction planning always proves to be a good investment. Detailed site surveys and early communication with all parties involved ensure a smooth construction process which helps meet deadlines and keep costs under control.
  2. Tendering and procurement of BOP works and WTGs
    The tender documents are completed taking tender rules and the Employer’s technical and formal requirements into account. A detailed analysis of all tenders are performed and recommendations made. The negotiations with possible suppliers are supported by isee and the advice given during the closing of contracts.
  3. Project, contract and local site management
    During the construction process isee can act as the owner’s engineer who will be the main point of contact for local authorities, land owners, contractors and the investors construction team.
  4. Cost and time control
    After establishing a project budget and time schedule this will be constantly checked and the client informed through regular reporting.
  5. Risk assessment and mitigating measures
    Deviation from time plan, unforeseen events will be tackled immediately to minimise the impact on the project deadline.
  6. Management of commissioning and WTG inspection
    In order to determine the list of outstanding issues as part of the taking over procedure, the turbines need to be inspected after commissioning. isee will tender those inspections and facilitate its execution, making sure an appropriate holdback is defined and agreed with the suppliers.
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