The team working for isee has many years of experience in the renewable energy sector – the involvement in wind projects started as early as 1998. Since then the individuals have supported projects with a total capacity of approx. 1200 MW including all stages from site identification up to project realisation and optimisation. isee itself was established in April 2011 and has since been involved in a variety of projects. The aim of this brief summary of some key projects is to give an overview of the services provided by isee.
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Sallachy Wind Farm
Photomontaged view from Ben More Assynt – courtesy of WKN AG
In 2011 isee was employed by WKN AG to manage the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for their 66 MW wind project in the Scottish Highlands. This responsibility included the selection and management of consultants, technical evaluation of the produced reports, strategic advice, community engagement, as well as consultation with statutory and non-statutory consultees.
During the EIA process the project team included more than 10 technical consultants who were coordinated by isee to obtain the best possible layout for the project. Thereby ensuring that the wind farm’s environmental impact was minimised while optimising the energy yield. In addition, isee was involved in establishing a community liaison forum that ensured that the needs of the community were considered and had influence on the development process. After submission of the section 36 application in late 2011, isee continued to be the first point of contact for the planning officers and coordinated the technical team in order to provide any additional information required by the officers to reach their decision.
In May 2013 Sallachy WF received positive feedback (to “raise no objection”) from the local authority. Highland Council even reaffirmed this support in November 2014. Despite this and numerous letters of support from the local community, the Scottish Ministers refused the project in November 2015. For further details on the project go to
Edintore Wind Farm 1/3
Edintore Wind Farm 2/3
Edintore Wind Farm 3/3
Photomontaged view of wiregrid above – courtesy of vento ludens Ltd
transition between photomontage & wireframe
Wiregrid showing local topography and future turbines – courtesy of vento ludens Ltd
isee’s client proposed a 6 turbine development on farmland approximately 4km South of Keith in Moray Council, Scotland. The Local Council rejected the project mainly on the grounds of cumulative impact. Being convinced of the project’s qualities and sensitive design, the client decided to appeal against the decision and asked isee to coordinate this process.
Working closely with the legal team and the technical consultants that had been involved in the original EIA process, a detailed Statement of Appeal was produced. This demonstrated that the proposed wind farm was acceptable in the chosen location. The report explained how the design process had minimised the impact of Edintore Wind Farm. The reporter agreed with the arguments presented in this statement and consented the project in early 2012. It is currently being constructed.
For further details on the project go to
Selmsdorf III
Construction Supervision
Construction Supervision
Construction Supervision
Construction Supervision
In 2013 isee was subcontracted by LTS to supervise a 9.2MW extension to an existing project in Northern Germany. Construction commenced in April 2013 and was completed in December. During this 2nd extension 4x E82 E2 (2.3MW) were added to the existing 9 turbines.
Supervision included the entire construction process, i.e. the construction of all turbine related infrastructure such as roads, crane hardstandings, electrical cables and components and an upgrade of the existing substation as well as the turbines themselves.
Windfarm Obernwohlde 1/6
construction works begin at WTG14 2/6
cran hub standing completed at WTG14 3/6
tower construction at WTG14 4/6
assembly of turbine hub at WTG14 5/6
WTG14 completed 6/6
Windfarm Obernwohlde
courtesy of BayWa r.e.
Construction works begin at WTG14
courtesy of BayWa r.e.
Crane hard standing completed at WTG14
courtesy of BayWa r.e.
Tower construction at WTG14
courtesy of BayWa r.e.
Assembly of turbine hub at WTG14
courtesy of BayWa r.e.
WTG14 completed
courtesy of BayWa r.e.
The developer BayWa r.e. employed isee to manage the construction works for this project in the North of Germany. In late 2014 isee coordinated pre-construction activities and from May 2015 supervised the construction works for 6x Enercon 101 (“Obernwohlde 1”). The comprehensive work package included: Managing communication between the different contractors and other stakeholders, responsibility for the construction log as well as ensuring that milestones and deadlines were met. The last works on Obernwohlde 1 were completed in early 2016. isee continued to work with BayWa r.e. on the following projects: Obernwohlde 2-4. These encompass an additional 14 turbines (E-101). The work is ongoing.
In 2013 isee was asked by notus AG to take on the project management of a windfarm within an industrial site. Notus was developing the “Trimet” project together with Hamburg Energie – a local utility company. As the location of the wind turbines was planned close to installations that fall within the scope of the Major Accident Ordinance special care had to be taken in the planning process. isee coordinated the planning process that involved the joint venture of developers, the management of the company Trimet, the planning authority, the security experts with TÜV Nord and further stakeholders. After careful considerations, the planning process was adapted several times and finally supported three turbines on this industrial site. A tender process was used to identify the best turbine for this site, isee supported the tender as well as the contract negotiations giving technical advice.
the turbines have been erected and will go online in due course.
google:maps satelliten view on Trimet
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